Professional Excursions and Activities in Gastronomy for Businesses


La Route des Gourmets is the industry leader for food tourism in France. We are specialized in the conception and organization of excursions and tourism activities related to French cuisine, products and gastronomy. These activities are accessible to all type of pubic and nationality.


Our Professional Client:

In order to respond to the special needs of businesses, we have developed retails tours and custom tour service for professionals in the food, agriculture and hospitality sectors, including:

  • Trade-unions and other inter-professional groups
  • Public Relation and Communication agencies specialized in food
  • All businesses seeking to explore French products, cuisine and gastronomy as part of an employee incentive program or professional study
  • Restaurant and artisan producer groups
  • Farmers, Farm Bureaus, and agriculture cooperatives


Program Structure:

This program can be organized in several different ways:

  • Retail food tour and Food store tours, in Paris and outside Paris, taking an integrated look at the food sector though business and/or point of sale visits
  • day and half-day visits original team building activities to build moral and cohesion while discovering French cuisine and gastronomy
  • employee incentive excursions
  • tasting classes for foreign visitors, organization of visits to discover certain industry sectors and French products and gastronomy for professionals
  • university conferences or study analysis on new food sector trends and innovative concepts


The Advantages of la Route des Gourmets:

Every tour and visit we offer is organized from A to Z by our internal team of multicultural food and culture experts: geographers, historians, sociologists specialized in food, experts in green tourism, polyglot collaborators experienced in the food and agriculture industry and former food sector professionals as well as chefs and pastry makers.

Everyone shares a passion for gastronomy and strives to pass on this knowledge.

Thanks to this team, every new gourmet destination has been thoroughly researched from a historic, geographic, architectural and cultural perspective.



Our team is continuously developing new visits and tours to examine current food trends:

  • Marketing and commercial food trends (luxury products, celebrity pastry makers, the notion of terroir, street food, organic, single-product offers, and homemade, among others.)
  • Distribution (Rungis market, traditional markets in Paris, and food shops)
  • Certification labels (Certified Organic, AOC, Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), local, labels of quality, and organic standards)
  • Heritage tours (the French gastronomic meal, Michelin starred restaurants, restaurants classified as historic monuments)
  • New forms of consumption (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free)
  • Food and Religion (pork, beef, halal, kosher)
  • Biodynamic (new farms, professional ethics, production methods)
  • Culinary Arts (edible containers and arrangements, celebrity designers, arts of the table)
  • Wine and wine-growing (terroir and varietals, regional development and protection, tastings, wine shop visits)


Examples of our personalized routes:


Theme: The latest trends with beef in Paris

  • Client: Communications agency specialized in the food and agriculture sector
  • Objective:  Discover the most innovative points of sale and restaurants in Paris (3 hrs)
  • Package includes: Visits to well-renown butchers and restaurants specialized in beef, a look at innovative forms of restaurants, meet and greet with industry professionals and distributers, meal featuring beef included, transportation and lunch included, complementary logbook


Theme: Innovative marketing strategies for the food sector

  • Client: Marketing team for a leading French company in public transportation
  • Objective: Offer marketing department employees an opportunity to visit an innovative point of sale (3 hrs)
  • Package includes: Selection of business located in Paris, organization of the visit, meeting with the director of marketing and presentation of their strategy, transportation and lunch included, complementary logbook


Theme: The most beautiful kitchen furnishing brands in Paris

  • Client: Marketing team for a leading French company in public transportation
  • Objective: Discover a selection of the trendiest points of sale for kitchen furnishings, from traditional brands to the most recent concept stores.
  • Package includes: visits to the most innovative and trendy concept stores, study of communication strategy and new forms of advertising and positioning at the point of sale, meet and greet with store managers, transportation and lunch included, complementary logbook


Theme: Business school conference and dinner

  • Client: HEC business school – Intensive Training Course in International Management
  • Objective: Educational dinner on France’s intangible heritage: Gastronomy
  • Package includes: Dinner to discover French gastronomic cuisine with a host’s commentary accompanying each dish. Documentation provided for students.


Theme: 5-day trip to the wineries of Burgundy

  • Client: Employee incentive outing for a French company
  • Objective: Award the company’s best salesperson
  • Package includes: Gourmet walking tour of Dijon to visit some of the most famous culinary and gastronomic sites, vineyard and wine-seller visits, wine and regional product tastings with industry professionals, visit of a wine bar, Cooking class - introduction to food and wine pairing,  transportation and lunch included, complementary logbook