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CAROLE METAYER - creator of the concept

Carole Metayer is the creator of the concept behind La Route des Gourmets and manages the agency’s daily activity. She’s most notably an expert guide for Food Tours of Paris, an activity she carries out through the gourmet walking tours and visits offered by her agency. 

Graduate of Business School with a Master’s degree in International Commerce, Carole Metayer started her career working in exports. At this time, she travelled quite frequently and spent several months living abroad in Asia and Latin America. Since this time, she has particularly enjoyed learning more about these cultures and studying the history of their food and regional cuisine.

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Pushed by her curiosity and desire to dig deeper into the study of food, Carole received a Master’s degree in Food and Food Culture from the Institute of Geography at the Sorbonne University of Paris. The multifaceted education was led by well-known historians, geographers, sociologists, and nutritionists.  Professors and Researchers dedicated to the study of French cuisine.

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Meanwhile, her desire to integrate cuisine and tourism began taking the form of La Route des Gourmets in 2012. This innovative concept is a perfect balance between discovering French cultural history and sampling delicious food and wine. You’ll experience both during gourmet food tours and gastronomic visits. Cf. Interview sur France 5, Février 2015 
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Additionally, she has become an official guide at Rungis International Market, a role she particularly enjoys. 


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A VTC certified chauffer, these culinary escapades are not limited to Paris and the immediate surrounding area, but extend throughout France. 

To share her experience and knowledge in the field, Carole Metayer regularly intervenes at conferences and round table discussions related to culinary tourism. Most notably, she published an article in the geographic academic review, Espaces.

Her academic background allows her to fully explore the French concept of terroir, trends in the food industry and new paths of distribution.

Active member of the Association of Women in Tourism, Carole Metayer received their Trophy in 2014 for her innovative concept aimed at promoting French culinary heritage and better hosting foreign visitors. 


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Finally, as a part of her daily life, Carole is an advocate of the Slow Food ideals. This international organization calls for education of the palate because only informed consumers conscience of the impact their choices have on the food system can become co-producers in a new agricultural system that is less intense and more respectful of the living, which produces good, clean and fair food. 

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If you share our passion for food and the history of French Cuisine and you wish to apply for a job or internship, please send your CV and a cover letter to the following address: recrutement@laroutedesgourmets.fr