Who are we? :

La Route des Gourmets is a French Incoming Travel Agency specialized in culinary tourism. By creating, organizing and selling visits, tastings, cooking classes ans sightseeing tours in Paris and across France, we provide a broad and varied look at French Gastronomy through its emblematic products, tableware, culture and traditions.


Our Mission:

Sharing our passion about food history and French gastronomy.


Our Objectives:

Broadening your palate during our workshops and gourmet tastings walks.

Teaching, in a hands-on and memorable way, the history of the products we eat every day, their origins, transformation, and their evolution over time.

Presenting French Culinary Traditions in an original way by examining them as part of their geographical landscape, a time period or an artistic movement.

Leading us to a personal and collective reflection, as consumers, about our consumption habits.


Our Clients:

Everyone should know what is really on their plates !

For that reason, we propose circuits suitable for everyone: individuals, businesses, groups of French or foreign tourists.


Our Commitment to Quality:

In order to provide quality services, La Route des Gourmets is registered as an Incoming Travel Agency by the Ministry of Tourism (registration No. 95120019 IM). Moreover, we guarantee safe and quiet travel since we also have the Registration as the Operator of Tourism Car (EVTC095120064).

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We select our partners according to our Quality Charter
: warm welcome, quality of products, truthful information, respect for culinary traditions, and traditional recipes...

La Route des Gourmets wishes you a delectable gourmet voyage

Carole Metayer, Founder and owner    


    photo Carole Metayer