Food Tours in Paris 

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All activities to discover original gourmet Food Tours in Paris: tastings, cultural and historical tours, workshops...

  • Food Tours in Paris

    Visit Paris with our guide, Carole Metayer, a French food expert. Discover the best kept culinary secrets and most delicious addresses in the capital by choosing a route (or two) from our selection of private gourmet walking tours!

  • Wine and Food tasting in Paris

    All our Tasting courses in Paris accompanied by a Master Craftsmen

  • Guided Food Market Tours

    At any time of the year, at the heart of Parisian life, the markets of Paris are places of exchange and conviviality, where you can truly discover the huge variety of local produce, reflecting the quality of French agricultural production. Our agency la Route des Gourmets offers you a large palette of Parisian market visits to soak up the special atmosphere, discover the history of these places, meet the merchants, taste seasonal produce or simply buy gourmet foods with a French guide! ! Accompanied by Parisian guides specialists of French gastronomy, you can choose the market of your choice according to your desires and opening days of the markets, among the most authentic of Paris: The Market of Batignolles (Batignolles Market), the Aligre Market, the Red Children Market (“Marché des enfants Rouges”), the Christmas markets during the Christmas and New Year celebrations .. and even the wholesale market of Rungis, the largest fresh food market in the world!

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